The Device Renewal Forum (DRF) has established a global standard for renewing, inspecting, testing and certifying the proper operation, performance and appearance of used devices.

Facilities and devices that meet the rigorous requirements established by the DRF program are authorized to receive a Certificate of Acceptance and may bear the DRF Certification Mark on their website, advertising, packaging, and devices.

The program ensures that renewed devices conform to the high standards of repair, testing and acceptance criteria. It ensures that devices appear, function and perform properly prior to re-entering the marketplace, that data security and privacy is not compromised, and that the devices were not stolen.

In addition to specifying the key criteria for device certification, the program also outlines the key requirements to be met by facilities looking to get DRF certified. This includes defining the roles, responsibilities, procedures, guidelines, tests, acceptance criteria, resources and requirements necessary to support the certification of renewed wireless devices.

The DRF works with its members to ensure all certification criteria are met prior to issuing the Certificate of Acceptance and DRF Certification Mark, and performs regular audits on DRF certified facilities to ensure ongoing compliance.

For more information on the DRF Certification Program, please contact us at info@devicerenewalforum.org or fill out our contact us form.